Peace Ambassadors


Welcome to Peace Ambassadors’ trainers, co-trainers and trainees.

We hope you had a great day celebrating 50th Anniversary of Malaysia Day! Since the inauguration, a few Peace Ambassador (PA) co-trainers and trainees were hosted at Home of Peace. A number of Diversity Dining gatherings have also been organized at Home of Peace.



Irene & Iman from Singapore, and Azza and Hidayah from Negeri Sembilan


Ayi Yunus (Indonesia), Raki Ali (Australia), Vijay Lachmi (Scotland) & Aida Osman (Malaysia/ Canada)










(Left) Angie Davis (the U.S.A), Siti Norazmah Ab. Kahar – PA Trainee (GWI Manufacturing) & Suhaila Md Noor – PA Co-Trainer(Community College, Kota Tinggi)

(Right) Mark Lim PA – Co-Trainer (Singapore)



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