Indoor Views

Bedroom Damai

Damai Room or Bilik Damai is the most spacious bedroom in Rumah Rehat Aman. A balcony is attached to the bedroom.   The room can accommodate additional guests (up to 4 people). Air-conditioning is included.

Bedroom1_02        Bedroom1_03

Bedroom1_04       Bedroom1_11_2

Bedrooms Sejahtera

Bright two twin bedroom suitable for two guests especially teenagers. The room is decorated with sea shells and its curtain holders are accessorized with tassels and large sea shells, made in Bali.


Bedroom Tenang

This bright and white room features a queen size bed with a lovely white and green quilt comforter that is embroidered with Chinese character.

The room can accommodate 2 adult guests and up to another 2 young children. It is a perfect choice for a couple and their young baby or toddler. Its sharing shower room is interconnected with Sejahtera Room, a 2 twin bedroom that is ideal for teenagers.

A beautiful bird cage beaded with colorful beads,  made in Vietnam, accentuates the beauty of simplicity of Tenang Room. It is accessorized with an old jade color pendant with Chinese character “Fu”. This character is popular during Chinese New Year.

Bedroom3_02  Bedroom3_05  Bedroom2_04

The room is also furnished with matching white console and a wooden dresser.


Living Room

Rumah Rehat Aman features collection of beautiful pieces of antique wooden Chinese and Malay furniture from China and Singapore. Its soft touch is enriched by beautiful decor items from the East and the West, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Prague, Germany, Canada, etc.

LivingRoom_02         LivingRoom_05

LivingRoom_04    LivingRoom_07    LivingRoom_09

LivingRoom_08     LivingRoom_13    LivingRoom_11

LivingRoom_15       LivingRoom_10      Stairs_01


Dining Room

Indeed, this nice and big wooden dining table is certainly spacious enough to serve one’s favourite dishes! Many refine pieces of crockery, such as celadon from Thailand and chopstick bowls from China stored in beautiful wooden modern and antique Chinese cupboards, are available for guests to use.

The home is also furnished with a big white board for children to scribble on while standing on old pieces of stools that were purchased at the wet market in Shanghai.

DiningRoom_03  DiningRoom_01

It is also a treat to meet the host who loves to welcome Rumah Aman’s guests by offering them nuts and Malay and Indian traditional ‘chips’. They are always served in beautiful Bohemian crystal bowls and plate, her collection from Prague. She is often delighted to also offer her guests with lemon grass tea which she concocted using using local plants planted at the home backyard.

DiningRoom_04  DiningRoom_05


Television Room



This little corner is located on the second floor of the house. The home provides basic television channel and a DVD player for guests’ entertainment. Its decor is a mixed between modern design furniture and old Chinese coffee cupboard, and finely woven rattan baskets from Myanmar and China.

Loft_04     Loft_03

The bamboo ladder from Yunnan and beautifully beaded hand woven shawl from the Philippines adds to the uniqueness of this corner.


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