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Kota Tinggi (KT) is certainly becoming a famous cycling hub for Malaysians and international cyclists. Almost every day, one can see group/s of cyclists cycling through its quaint and tranquil city heading to Desaru, Teluk Ramunia, Mersing, etc.

Cyclists enjoy cycling in KT for many reasons. Some comment that they are drawn to this district because of the diversity of its cycling terrains. Many of its attractive places are also not very far apart, therefore, cyclists can discover a number of interesting sites in just one or two days. Places such as the famous Kota Tinggi waterfalls, hilly and lush agricultural areas like REM Estate, fire flies sites and Jalan Lombong fruit farm are all within 1 to 18 km away from Rumah Rehat Aman. The prices of lodging and food are also very reasonable.

There are also a number of cycling clubs, such as Kota Tinggi Cycling Club, Kota Tinggi (Veteran) Cycling Group and bicycle shops in KT. Their presence and regular cycling activities enhances the cycling mood in the whole city. KT local cycling groups welcome international cyclists to participate in their events.  Jeff, the owner of JITENSHA Bicycle World, a bicycle shop that is located only 5 minute walk from Rumah Rehat Aman is always ready to give cycling tips and to connect visitors with like minded locals. Being the third generation bicycle business owner, Jeff can fix almost any bike at reasonable speed and price.

For those who opt for a leisure and easy going exercise, cycling in villages such as Temenin Lama, Lukut and Felda Pasak would be splendid. There are many huge trees in these villages, and those who are not used to hot and sunny Malaysia can hide under their shade during cycling break. They can also take their time to have Malay delicacy lunch at Temenin Homestay or small local restaurants in the neighborhood.

Rumah Rehat Aman too offers reasonable hourly and daily bicycle rental to her guests. One should not miss the opportunity to cycle the home’s old Vietnamese bamboo bicycle and Japanese bicycles when he/ she stays at this home.


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